This Month's Featured Product

Fresh load of Cube It Alfalfa Cubes! Available in 2000 lb bulk bags and 50 lb bags. When buying in bulk bags, you get premium quality alfalfa cubes at a BIG SAVINGS! Delivery available!
Lots of great reasons to feed Cube It Alfalfa Cubes:

  • Reduced feed waste – Feeding studies reveal that as much as 20% of conventional hay may be wasted when fed.
  • Controlled feed intake – It is easier for the horse owner to monitor and regulate the daily intake of cubed forage than long-stem hay.
  • Consistent nutrient content – The nutrient levels found in cubes tend to be more consistent than hay. Our Alfalfa cubes are sold with a guaranteed minimum nutrient content. These cubes are made from superior quality alfalfa and are of the same quality year round.
  • Less dust than long-stem hay
  • Reduced storage requirements – Cubes are denser than hay and therefore require less storage space. Approximately 3 bags of cubes fit in the same area as an average-sized, small-square bale of hay.
  • Ease of handling and transport - Alfalfa cubes take up less space in the trailer and may be easier for horse owners to take to shows or on trail rides.

Available in 50 lb bags and 1 ton totes!

Our Premium Alfalfa Cubes can be fed to Horses (even miniature foals), Mules, Llamas, Cows, Sheep, Goats and Deer!
Available at Goodwin Farm & Ranch Supply in Temple, TX.